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The Eyes of Compassion Relief Organization (EOCRO) greatly appreciates your kindness and support; you have helped the community to implement the Student House. Located at 11/12 Phan Boi Chau, Hue city, Viet Nam.

This dream arose from the work of nun Thich Nu Tri Hai, who established hostels for poor students. However, after 1975 these hostels closed. Since 2000, EOCRO has researched and tried many times to establish the Student House but failed. Due to social circumstances, many people do not understand the thoughts and ambitions of charitable hearts. Now, this vision has been realised with your support, EOCRO's Student House has really taken shape.

In addition to following in the footsteps of the late nun Thich Nu Tri Hai, we have created a safe and peaceful living environment for students to focus on their studies. We read of the study aspirations and goals of many young people from the letters to the Study Promotion Fund, from students whose families are experiencing financial hardships. They are ambitious and eager to pursue professional careers despite their poor financial situation. This motivated EOCRO to create a safe and peaceful living environment for the students to live in, in an EOCRO's Student House has 8 rooms with 7 rooms housing 2 students and 1 room housing 3 students. The maximum number of students is 17 with priority given to students from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy. The house is a short 10 minute walk from the University.

EOCRO Thanks you for helping us complete a meaningful and long-term project that will enable future generations of students to complete their studies and make a positive contribution to society.
environment that allows them to focus on their studies and succeed.

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Lời đầu thư, Mắt Thương Nhìn Cuộc Đời xin bày tỏ lời TRI ÂN SÂU XA sự tin tưởng và yểm trợ của quý Anh chị, các bạn cùng các em, đã giúp MTNCĐ thực hiện được chương trình Nhà Trọ Tình Thương. Toạ lạc tại 11/12 Phan Bội Châu, thành phố Huế.

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