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Hung Thong Project

Old Hung Thong clinic

Hung Thong clinic in construction

Inside Hung Thong Clinic

Hung Thong clinic delivery room

Eyes of Compassion helps to renovate or build the new clinic for poor villages. We focus on the condition of the clinic to decide helping. At some clinics, the carton ceiling starts falling, do not have clean water system, the Toilets are in worst condition. All these situations can cause more serious for the illness of the patients. Most of clinic we try to help is independent clinic, taking care by their own local residence. With a high cost of renovation or building, this project only provided by the requirement of the donors. 

New Hung Thong clinic in new location

This clinic has been sponsor by BD Foundation and Mrs. Van Nguyet Anh. The cost of building is $6,800 US

Hung Thong clinic Examination room

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Eyes of Compassion

Dieu Lien and the clinic appreciation momerial carving stone to donor

 Hung Tan Project

Hung Tan clinic before renovation

Hung Tan clinic after renovation

Hung Tan is in construction

Hung Tan clinic ceiling after renovation

Hung Tan clinic ceiling before renovation