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"Going to School Together" project focuses to help poor ethic minority students in Sapa and other highland villagers. Providing nutrition food, school supplies and clothes, finance and necessary requirements. This project specially supports the rural students and their families,  giving the students a chance to continue to study.

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* winter coats, the warm and light ones, easy wash and dry. Before we used to give the comforters but comforters can only be used at night, coats would be a more useful choice since the children can as well wear them day and night to keep them warm.
* most of the children in high lands don't wear shoes or sandals because shoes and sandals are luxury items. If they do, the ones they wear are broken or damaged and somehow fixed recklessly with threads. Shoes and sandals are sold very expensive -3 times their original price- at the market fair which happens once a week where the merchants brought goods from the city to sell in the high lands ....
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Eyes of Compassion Relief Organzation reports the reliefs from two storms WutipNari  and the previous floods in center of Vietnam. We have distributed donation to Ky Anh, Huong Khe (Ha Tinh), Vinh Long, Lang Son, Quang Ngai, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Binh Dinh. Special location have been received several times due to severe damage. We also distribute rice seed to Vu Quang, Huong Son, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh. All even tiny donation at this time is crucial to the unfortunate victims, members of Eyes of Compassion vow to be a bridge that will connect your donation and the receivers effectively and accordingly. Rice seed and fertilizer are continue to provide to Thai Nguyen, Yen Bai, Thanh Hoa, Sapa ….  

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“Wake Up” Program to support the practice of Mindfulness in the direction of engagement (Engaged Buddhism), also known as Applied Buddhism,  means that all our activities of daily life will provide us an opportunity to practice transformation and healing. When we have a chance to be in a retreat, a day of mindfulness or mindfulness training recitation, we will participate into the practice of washing dishes, cleaning, or gardening... This is the opportunity for us to apply mindfulness practice into our daily lives.

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“Viet WakeUp” retreat organized for the first time at Edgewood Camp, On, Canada on March 2014, with the guidance of 10 monastics from France, USA, Canada.The retreat brought together young people and opened their hearts to help the children achieving positive transformation.A few pictures and video clips you can view through the links below





We came to Ba Be Lake at Backan late in the evening. It was a sunny evening, and the cool breeze reminded us of early spring in Canada. From afar, the lake; scintillating under the sun; contrasted with the blue sky, made the mountainous scenery more beautiful. The clear atmosphere and the scent of the forests gave us the impression of living in a paradise. Ba Be Lake was a big lake surrounded by ranges of mountains. Its water was transparent and calm. This area was not easy to approach so the mountain pass was deserted. Once in a while a car passed by hurriedly in the calm evening. We came to the dock and rented a boat to row on the lake. The boat ran through ranges of green rocks. We felt the clear and peaceful atmosphere of the vast forests and high mountains. The natural music of Mother Nature sounded in the scenery of immense mountains and water on Ba Be Lake.   READ MORE


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Video Clip of Relief in Hai Lang, Quang Tri, Vietnam


We learn that this is the lowest place in the province, and the local people have lost to inundation totally 50 hectares of rice seeds. Therefore, our Vietnamese country fellows in the US and Canada have given donations to buy rice seeds for the families of whom crops have been destroyed in  the recent prolonged rain and flood. This rice seed donation program, which is mobilized and funded by Eyes of Compassion Relief Organization, gives rice seeds to 300 families... READ MORE

Supporting Sara Mey Monastery

Sera Mey University located Northern of India. The Stories of Tibetan monks who crossed the border of Tibet to seek freedom is extraordinary and very touch. After arriving to Sera Mey Monastery, they have to start learning many things to adapt with new lives. Their wishes are to have a chance to continue to study and practice Buddhism. To be able to do this, they have to be sponsored by our benefactors. They practice diligently, study hard and have a very simple life.  READ MORE

Spreading the Wings of Hope – Building a Daycare  Nursery

The daycare nursery can house a quarter of all children in the commune of Que Chau. It can also accommodate other children in the neighboring commune, if needs rise. Not all children will have a chance to attend the daycare nursery for reasons such as geographical distance and lack of transportation means. The mountainous terrain makes it difficult to travel. In addition, houses are usually spread too far apart, without any means of transportation other than walking. Therefore, it would be difficult for parents to take their children to the daycare nursery.... READ MORE

Video Clip of Construction the ‘Understanding and Love’ Bridge in Gia Lao mount, Dong Nai, Vietnam


In its winding part upstream, Gia Lao stream runs through Tho Loc village in Xuan Tho commune, Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai province. This area is about 60 kilometers away from Long Khanh town, and more than 25 kilometers away from National Road 1A. The stream is about 3 meters deep, with slope riversides serving also as the paths via which local people bring their crop products grown in the mountain to town. Another reason why we decided to build the bridge was that it would benefit 843 families in Tho Loc village in particular and the ethnic minority families in the vicinity in general. The direct beneficiaries would be the local farmers in the villages within the two communes adjacent to Tho Loc commune, namely Suoi Cao and Xuan Bac.... READ MORE

Providing Reliefs to  Typhoon Victims in Center of Vietnam


Ha Tinh -  Quang Binh

Ninh Thuan, Khanh Hoa


Hoai Xuan, Hoai Nhon - Binh Dinh

Hoa Quang - Phu Yen

Phu Yen

Quang Ngai - Binh Dinh - Phu Yen

Mai Hoa, Tuyen Hoa - Quang Binh

Phong Dien - Hue

Canh Thuan - Binh Dinh

Ha Tinh Phase 2

Loong Hang Clinic

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New build of Phuc Tam Daycare Nursery

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In the opening ceremony of Loong Hang school in 2006, some people in the hamlets about 20-30 kilometers away from Loong Hang also came to join. Before leaving, they told us that their hamlets earnestly desired to be given a school and a water supply system like those of Loong Hang hamlet, because their hamlets were also extremely poor but had never been helped by anyone. People of Loong Hang hamlet dream of a health clinic to station health professional sent from the district to cure them... READ MORE  

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Tonle Sap Lake

The cool air from the air-conditioner woke me up after a long, sound sleep. After an 8-day-long trip to Cambodia, I felt tired due to intensive traveling and the influence of the storms on Tonle Sap when I visited our Vietnamese compatriots there. I have spent the night sleeping on the benches in Thailand’s airport while waiting for the connecting flight to India. It is now 4 a.m., I am happily wrapping myself in the scarf and writing a report about our beloved Vietnamese community living on Tonle Sap... READ MORE

Relief in Phap Hoa Pagoda

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Building School


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After making the deal with the workmen for a new school, intended for Rach Dung village where Ms Dieu Lien had visited earlier, and sleeping at the house of Teacher Tu Lun (whom Ms Dieu Lien told about in her previous story), I rent a boat to come to Sa Son and haul the dilapidated school of Ms Loan over here in Kampong Luong, where there are adequate conditions (workers, bamboo, wood, other materials) for the reparation of the school....... READ MORE

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The bumpy, red-soil road led us through immense tea fields to Phap Hoa Pagoda, Di Linh district. The Pagoda is not far away from Di Linh’s downtown. After travelling a short distance from Di Linh market, we came to the turning to the pagoda. From distance, we saw its tole roof, surrounded by darkish blue canvas-tents. The unique feature of the pagoda is not its construction or architecture, because it is very poor, but its stretching green tea and coffees gardens. Though being located near the town, the path for walking meditation of Phap Hoa is still unconcretized, which looks as homely and sincere as the people here ...         READ MORE

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You can help the Eyes of Compassion Relief Organization by sending a tax-deductible donation in any amount for general support or you may earmark your donation for a specific project or program. The Eyes of Compassion Relief Organization is a non-profit organization with tax ID # 88930 2006 RR0001; all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.