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Tieng Viet

How You Can Help

We thank you for considering helping desperate people in Vietnam. Your donation is very important to us and will help us to achieve our goals to work for people. The value of your currency is huge in Vietnam. Therefore, any donation can make a big difference.

Here’s how you can help

A donation of $10 Cdn. or $10 US will buy blankets and mosquito nets to protect from malaria
A donation of $15 Cdn. or $15 US monthly will help run the non profit occupational training centres
A donation of $50 Cdn. or $50 US will cover a sight-restoring cataract operation
A donation of $60 Cdn. or $60 US will sponsor a disabled, elderly, or severely ill person for a year
A donation of $100 Cdn. or $100 US will help build a clean water well for a poor family
A donation of $6,000 Cdn. or $6,000 US builds a kindergarden school with two classrooms
Any donation can help to rebuild clinics, help flood victims, leprosy patients, mental patients, and special cases of severe illnesses

Beside these projects, we have many more activities like: Flood relief, building loving houses, students sponsorship, disable sponsorship... General donation will be used in these fields.

99% of your online donation will be directly used to help people. Expenses and administration fees are donated by the members of “Eyes of Compassion”. Therefore, your gift will overwhelmingly be used for the highest effect for the people who need it most.

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Send a personal cheque, money order, or
draft payable to “Eyes of Compassion” to:

Eyes of Compassion

52 Evelyn Wiggins Dr.

Toronto, ON


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