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Cancer is one of the more dangerous and serious illnesses where the patient cannot help but be panicky and desperate.  Not only the patients, but their relatives also fall into a state of panic and despair.  Those with money suffer in spite of it, and those without money suffer even more.

In the beginning of the year 2004, I had the opportunity to visit patients and their families in the poor villages and hamlets removed from the cities.  I did this in the company of volunteers in the Love and Compassion Club of former teachers and students at DongKhanhHigh school,HueCity, including many retired physicians and nurses.  Most cases occurred in young families and the patients were children in the late stages of cancer who had been sent home because the hospitals could no longer do anything to help them and the patients could not afford to pay the hospital fees.

In light of such difficulties, the volunteers went directly to the home of the patients to understand the state of the illness of the patients, to encourage the families, and to provide information on macrobiotics, the Oshawa method of curing diseases by following a diet of brown rice and sesame, a macrobiotic vegetarian soup, and fasting.  These therapeutic methods are very effective while being extremely inexpensive.

In mid 2004, a Nursing Home for Women was built behind the DieuHanh Pagoda where Sister Thich Nu Dieu Y was the Superior Nun.  By the end of 2004, the nursing home opened its doors officially and welcomed and treated 26 patients.

The creation of a Nursing Home for Men is essential to the treatment of patients for the following reasons:

  1. In the last stage, patients usually need the injection of drugs to reduce pain because the pain is too intense without drugs.  The macrobiotic methods mentioned above help reduce pain at very low costs.
  2. The presence of a patient (in the family home) creates great stress on the family from a psychological point of view as well as from a responsibility standpoint.
  3. While at home, the patients do not receive the proper medical treatment.
  4. The methods of fasting and eating brown rice and sesame are difficult to follow at home.  The normal way of life and the eating habits of other members of the family have a negative influence on the patients who then fail in their efforts to follow the advice of physicians.
  5. The quiet and calm setting of a nursing home, the diligent care of volunteers and the presence of patients in the same predicament help to reduce the illness complex and the feeling of misfortune of the patients.
  6. The ideas behind the treatment are that it is delivered free of charge, it brings the patient out of his home where he may suffer much stress and worry, it creates an environment which helps the patient become comfortable and worry free.  It is a precious psychological remedy that helps the patient to recover in peace.

It is precisely because of these reasons that the creation of a Nursing Home for Men is very important and urgently needed.  Many male patients are being treated at home and they are waiting for our compassion.


Hue, May 20, 2004


From:   Manager

             Loving-Kindness Centre

             Association of Former Students of Dong-KhanhHigh School - Hue

To:       Eyes of Compassion Vietnam

             and all benefactors.

The Loving-Kindness Centre of the Association of Former Students of Dong - KhanhHigh School - Hue hereby acknowledges receipt of the following donations:

Mihaela Nitescu       C$ 50

Jacob Bali:               C$ 100

Katherine Brown      C$ 100

Ophira Ginsburg      C$ 50

David Ghan Frank:  C$ 200

Total:                       C$ 500  ( VNd 5,600,000).

The money that you have donated has been used to purchase brown rice to provide healing food to needy terminally ill patients who are spending the last phase of their illness at the Loving-Kindness Nursing Home-Hue.

We have purchased 2,300 Kilograms of unhusked rice, grown in slightly salty fields to guard against plant parasites and insects, as pesticides are not used in the growing of this rice.  After the removal of the husks and the separation of husk and grain, the amount of brown rice obtained is 1624 Kilograms.  The delivery period is from June 1, 2004 to June 1, 2005 to help 25 patients per month.

We are expressing our sincere and profound gratitude to you, our benefactors, for your heart of gold.

Manager of Loving-Kindness Centre

Dr. Xuan Que Nguyen Thi


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